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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yahoo divided Jerusalem

As brought up by HonestReporting, Yahoo has engaged in the political SimCity game and created two virtual cities, "East Jerusalem" and "West Jerusalem". The weather data for them are grabbed from the real Jerusalem, Israel,  weather station, and duplicated under the two respective headers. The city of Jerusalem, the holiest Jewish city (some people say it even means something to Christians and Muslims), known as such for 3,000 years, and the capital of Israel, has ceased to be - in the Yahoo universe. To be sure, the data for the virtual cities are identical, underscoring that the city is one. Perhaps the next step for Yahoo will be providing that weather report in Hebrew for the "West" one, and in Palestinian... oops, there is no such language or nation, for that matter - in Arabic for the "East J".

Or Arabic will be used for both: in Yahoo's opinion, according to its directory, the City of Jerusalem is under the "Places in Palestinian Authority". Thank G-d, it is still listed among Israeli cities as well - for how long will it remain so?

PS. June 16, 2010. - Sometimes truth prevails!


  1. Come on,you have to admit the guys at yahoo are funny and imaginative ! What did it take for someone to think that one up ? I bet they have an Israel bashing think tank where the guys and girls sit around thinking of ways to dehumanise and delegitimise Israel and rail against the "occupation". Of course everyone else already thought of apartheid,nazi,pariah,rogue,terrorist,criminal
    state so they thought they would come up with something that would..........make them look ridiculous.

  2. Honored to get a comment from Chev Chelios :)! I love Crank and Statham.

    Of course I admire those guys and gals. Starting with Romans and their Palaestina, they used to crudely rename the Land of Israel. Now they are sometimes more subtle. The goal is always same, however - the one you note: to rewrite the map at their will, and the will is to remove all traces of Jews. The rest is commentary :).