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Friday, May 28, 2010

First Post

My daughter, a graduate student at my university, told me that my political and religious views are not very common in academia. She was right. It seems much easier to find there, as well as on the Web, a Che Guevara fan than somebody who has heard of Natan Sharansky, and a critic of Israeli "occupation" rather than of the expressed desire of Arab and Muslim groups and countries for Israel to disappear from the map. It is easy to find pictures of Stalin, idyllic and complimentary, right on my university's web pages, but not those of his victims. The pressure to conform with the outlook that is often described as "progressive" is substantial. In this climate, not only students but even faculty sometimes feel uncomfortable to express views that deviate from this mainstream into the "conservative" direction. People do not go there, they stay away from that - sometimes because they think they are alone. Hence, the name of this blog. My daughter tells me I could write something helpful. I hope I will, time permitting. I'll probably start with relocating here some items I deployed earlier at my site hosted by the university

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